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Many clients we work with understand the value of full financial planning but really only want us to help them manage their investments. We work with these clients and often look at their savings, investments and pensions and get these really working for them. We can often reduce their charges, increase their performance and give them peace of mind that their investments are being managed by an expert. We provide regular investment reviews so they know they are on-track to achieve their goals and we’re always on hand should they need some input on anything related to their investments. These clients get access to the client portal so they can view their investments 24/7 and stay right on top of their money.
We have developed a broad range of services that help our clients achieve their financial goals and enjoy a better future.
We know that everyone is different and that every client has different needs –  so we built a unique service proposition.
With Elite Finance, you only pay for what you need and you only get the services that really benefit you. We’re not interested in trying to ‘sell’ you everything we do – we really get to know you and understand your goals and dreams. We then work together to achieve your objectives in the most efficient way possible.
Whether you need just one of our services to get where you want to go – or the ‘full works’, we give you complete flexibility, complete clarity and complete transparency in everything we provide.

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Our Approach to Investing

We believe that your money should work hard for you and that a long-term investment strategy is essential for success. For many people, investing money is fraught with complexity with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to get it just right and have confidence that your goals will be met.

Investing for the future is subject to many uncertainties. We don’t pretend to be able to predict the future or invest you in ‘the next big thing’; what we do offer is years of investment experience, a tried and tested investment process and a system of continually monitoring to ensure your investments have the best chance of achieving your goals.

We won’t baffle you with technical investment jargon to dress up our investment process or to scare you into using a professional investment manager – we tell it as it is and set out clear investment principles and our investment methodology.

Our investment process aims to give each of our clients a successful investment experience. Rather than using speculative practices, we adopt a methodical investment strategy that is cost-effective, academically proven and fully transparent.

Expertly Crafted Portfolios

We created a range of investment portfolios exclusively for Elite Finance clients. Our investment experts carefully blend the very best funds to ensure our portfolios deliver great returns. Every portfolio is then perfectly balanced using a broad mix of assets to control investment risk.
A large number of clients we work with use the vast majority of services we offer. This means that we provide an ongoing financial planning service where we assess their current financial situation, discuss their goals and objectives for the future and help them achieve these goals by providing a detailed financial plan with implementable steps to archive this. This is reviewed and updated regularly to ensure it stays up-to-date as our clients move through their lives. We may often recommend our clients take out investment, savings or pension products to help them achieve their goals or start an insurance policy to protect them should the worst happen. For these clients, we take care of all the details, researching, advising and implementing everything.

Active Vision, Strategy, & Roadmap to Reach Your Goals

We believe that everyone should invest for the future. We also know that the world of investments can seem complicated and overwhelming at times with so many different ways to invest and so many different funds to choose from. We can help you cut through this complexity, simplify your investments and make sure they always work hard for you.

We conduct a detailed assessment before we recommend the best portfolio for your money – ensuring you never take on more risk than you should. Our in-house investment management team have designed a number of portfolios that cater for all requirements and really deliver results.

Hands-On Portfolio Management

When it comes to your investments, we’re here every step of the way with you. Quality advice with quality investment management designed to get your investments working as hard as you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use your company for financial advice?
We offer expert financial advice but without the expensive price tag.  We are able to do this as we are more efficient than most financial advisers, mainly through the use of technology.  This enables us to keep our charges low whilst providing you with expert advice from Financial Planners.
How long has Elite Finance been trading and what are your credentials?
Elite Finance was launched in 2017. We are a new business but we have a lot of experience.  We have over 22 years’ experience working in the financial advice sector.  We believe we have the best of both; experience but the energy of a new way of delivering financial planning to give you the best possible service and experience.
How are you any different from other financial planning firms?
A lot of advisers have been doing the same old thing for many years.  We are different as we want to deliver a brilliant service, by expert financial planners, at a competitive price.  We have embraced the possibilities technology can provide to create a truly modern approach to financial planning.
How can I get in touch with Elite Finance?
For all enquiries and methods of getting in touch with us, please see our contact us page.
Are your services only for very wealthy people?
No. Our services have been designed for everyone. Whatever your net wealth, we can help you identify, achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle, simplify your finances and make your  investments work harder for you.
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